Friday, September 01, 2006
podcast, episode 9

Well, with the start of September, summer's winding down to a close. I thought I'd make a "summer music" themed podcast, but I ended having so many songs I wanted to use that it'll be a two-parter. This first part, part 1, will be all hip-hop music... wh00t!

You can download it directly from this link right here. (right click & save as)

The podcast is about ~27minutes long, and is 25mb, 128kb mono MP3.

Playlist of songs in the cast:

1. A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour
2. A Lighter Shade of Brown - On A Sunday Afternoon
3. Paperboy - Ditty
4. Warren G. - This DJ
5. Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It
6. Blue Scholars - Freewheelin'

Background music :

FORCE OF NATURE - Tsurugi no Mai

If you're interested in more, check out the IIStix podcasting project. Links to previous GarPodcasts....

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For local Seattleites: if you enjoy listening to the Blue Scholars, check 'em out this weekend at Bumbershoot, opening for Kanye West on Sunday night! Sadly, I won't be able go this year, but still... show 'em some love by going to the show, and of course, coppin' some merch.


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