Friday, March 03, 2006
audio debut

Yep... welcome to the the very first podcast by yours truly. Thanks to the conspiring minds at the IIStix forum, I decided to actually see what I could do.

For those of you who've never heard the laidback monotone of my voice or for my "real life" friends who have the strange compulsion to actually hear me speak as a disembodied voice, here you are:

enscriptCHUN 03March06 podcast - The Beginning

file size: 14.5mb
length: 21minutes
artists featured: Blue Scholars, The Audiobiography, Daphne Loves Derby, Boom Bap Project

Yeah, I know recorded audio and podcasting aren't the latest technologies around, but last night, I happened to be both 1) free of schoolwork, and 2) in the mood to play with something new. I tried out an interesting freeware prog called Audacity to do both the recording and the arranging, but it was only after I had compiled the podcast that I was able to discover more of the audio tools. I guess I'm too used to using the "rubber bands" in Adobe Premiere that I've used in my past video projects for Wing Luke.

My apologies for some of the rough cuts and lack of good crossfading... oops. =P

The written word will always be my first love, but depending on my mood, maybe I'll do more podcasts in the future (maybe on user suggested topics? whoa, democracy!). If you download and listen to the podcast, please leave a comment with feedback. Or a lucrative job offer in the world of radio until I finish this whole graduate school thing.

Heh heh. =D

EDIT: The podcast is now also hosted on moyism's site here. For the lazy, you can click right here for the direct link. (right click & save as)


pretty tight, dude. youre rocking the mellowed-out NPR voice. you should downloda something like Adobe Audition if you want more control over mixing/levels, thats what i usu use to record shit.
dave- haha, thx man. maybe all the NPR i listen to during my various commutes has made its way into my brain... or maybe i'm somehow channeling one of my profs from my mass communication classes back as an ed. journalism major.

i'll be sure to check out Audition and see how that is...
jar? i always thought gar was prounounced gar, not jar. haha.

ps. nice step towards geekdom ;op

* jar with a 'g' vs gar like 'garage'
faye- but is Gar! Like Gar-dener! Or Gar-ment! Or Gar-goyle! ;)
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