Sunday, March 19, 2006
of vendetta, art, and politics

I neglected to mention in my last post that I saw "V for Vendetta" this past weekend and I enjoyed it a lot. A fairly good review of the movie by Jeffrey Chen at ReelTalk opens up with these words:

Movies continue to reflect the highly-charged political moods of the day with V for Vendetta, an adaptation of a comic book series turned graphic novel by Alan Moore (whose name is not listed in the film's credits). When Moore wrote his story in the '80s, the idea of a revolutionary terrorist would not necessarily have been a push-button topic; presented today, it may be viewed as sensitive. This observation, though, may only be one more piece of evidence backing up the story's general potency, for as governing bodies have used fear to control various populations throughout history, it is surely still happening across the globe now on a much more visible public stage. Thus, the sensitivity of V for Vendetta's arrival as a movie only emphasizes its good sense of timing.

I won't spoil any part of the movie here, but I did want to write that the movie gave me a lot to think about, especially as it stands as an allegory of our current times. Watching the movie also reminded me also of why art like music, books, and movies are so much more superior than a medium such as CNN or blogs (ha!) for communicating ideas about politics, moral philosophy, and our society today to "common people". Why intellectuals like myself could write pages and pages of text on our blogs or the newspapers, it's not as readily as accessible to regular folks.

Storytelling is still the truest way to people's hearts. No wonder Jesus taught in parables.

V for Vendetta can certainly be enjoyed on a surface level as an action/suspense movie, but I really believe that makers of the movie, and even the original writer of the comic, Alan Moore, are trying to communicate something deeper.

Oh yeah, Natalie Portman stole my haircut. =P


podcast, part 2

My second podcast is finished and can be downloaded from this page. The podcast is about ~25minutes long, and is 17.2mb, 96kb mono MP3.

Playlist of songs on the podcast:

1. Miliyah Kato f. m-flo - "One Day" (YOZORA REMIX)
2. Planet Asia - "Right or Wrong"
3. the audiobiography - "The Graduation Song"
4. Rie fu - "Tiny Tiny Melody"

If you'd like the direct link, you can also click here (right click + "save as"). Enjoy.


youre a trailblazer dude. ive been listening to some of em. i wanna do a podcast now. actually maybe i will.
dks- nice... DO IT! you should do some of the instrumentals yourself. bust out that banjo, yo!
Here's your answer, straight from JEMS:

We want workers for 4 weeks or more, if possible. The time frame is July to August. We will try to match up your availability with the requests of the churches. The more available you are, the better we can place you.
I posted up needs of the churches in Brazil on my Xanga.
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