Friday, June 23, 2006
podcast, episode 7

It's been awhile since I've made one, but here it is... episode 7 with a "mystery theme". I've chosen 6 different hip hop songs that all have something in common... it might be minor to most people, so I don't think it's too hard to figure out the "mystery theme". Haha.

You can download it directly from this link right here. (right click & save as)

The podcast is about ~29minutes long, and is 27mb, 128kb mono MP3.

Playlist of songs in the cast:

1 Camp Lo - Luchini
2 Dilated Peoples - Certified Official
3 Planet Asia - Pure Coke (f. Martin Luther)
4 Wu-Tang Clan - Uzi
5 Outkast - The Rooster
6 Kanye West - Touch the Sky (f. Lupe Fiasco)

Background music:

-Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician + Tsuchie - Offers (Samurai Champloo OST)

If you're interested in more, check out IIStix podcasting project. Links to previous GarPodcasts....

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Going to be gone this weekend on a bachelor party for my good friend Fong. We'll be heading to the border and Vancouver, BC. It shouldn't be too crazy, but hey... you never what can happen...


Stupid question, but what is a podcast and how do I make one? I've been meaning to ask you a while back, but I forgot to.
It's not a stupid question! ;)

A podcast is basically like a short radio program recorded in lo-fi and put in an MP3 file for people to listen to on their iPod (hence "podcast" instead of "radio cast"). People also listen to 'em on their computer.

It's really to make one... you just need a computer, a microphone, and a program to record your voice along with the music.

You can hear what my voice sounds like if you download one of my podcasts. Scary, eh?
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