Sunday, July 23, 2006
Fong Wedding

It's been another big year for weddings, but like most of life's celebrations, your closeness to the focal participants of the event shapes your perspective. Besides the busy-ness of starting a new FT job this past week at a place I used to work for several years ago, there was the added craziness of helping out in a close, childhood friend's wedding.

It was a great ceremony (with a particularly entertaining sermon by the pastor), and the reception banquet on the waterfront (emcee'd by yours truly) went off without a hitch. While the sweating it out in a full tuxedo as a groomsmen in the heat (85+ degrees) was tough, the happiness of the day helped to carry me through. I surprised even myself by staying relatively sober, haha.


(Gar, Chris, Josh)

Along with our other friend Josh, Chris (the groom) and I were a rather (notorious) triumvirate growing up as friends at CBC, since the tender age of 4. My father had just moved up from Cali to become to the youth pastor at CBC; Josh and Chris' parents were long time, respected members, and heavily active in the church. It was only natural that we began to hang out a lot.

We occupied the nitemares of every boys' Sunday school teacher at our church, with our antics ranging from harassing the other kids, fashioning weapons from miscellaneous school supplies, to full-blown watergun and water balloon ambushes. Growing up, we shared a mutual obsessions with Transformers, comic books, sports, Nintendo, guns, and of course... the complete lack of dateable females in our age group at our church (all of us have chosen a significant other from outside our church...).

While 20+ years later, a lot of things have changed, we've still managed to maintain our friendship and I'm grateful to God for that. Not too many people can say that they've been blessed with friends like that. I treasure our loyalty, respect, and care for each other, and to see Chris get married is a reminder that our friendship really has lasted a lifetime, and continues onward. I feel old, but I guess it's "feeling old" in a good way.

Congrats, Fong. Don't mess this up... haha (j/k). ;)


tuxedo'd out. woohoo. ;oP

old time friendships that started from wee days of youth are pretty amazing and miraculous to have last so long. and longer still into the wee days of senility, one hopes.

f>mos definitely!

I think senility already come for me, too... heh.
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