Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Abe & Heidi's Wedding

It's been an emotional weekend... but what a great time it was celebrating Abe & Heidi's marriage. It was a simple ceremony with beautiful music, but what sticks out in my mind were the vows that they wrote for each other - they were so honest and heartfelt, that I think the entire audience in the church was collectively moved to hear them.

Oh, and the reception at the Redmond Marriott wasn't so shabby either... yay for open bar! =)

Some pics...



Naomi, Amy, & Marsha. The expression on Amy Nishimura's face is hilarious.

Me & little Mia.

JC, Steph, and G-Sak. Notice G-Sak flashing the ring... maybe he had a little bit to drink and got confused that Steph was his wife? haha.

Cutting cake.

Me & Ryan. This picture happened sometime between my 6th or 7th screwdriver.

Bouquet toss.

Ex-Maplewood apartment friends.

Abe & Heidi's first dance... congrats!

More pictures can be found on my Flickr page.


i like that 4-arm bouquet toss. reminds me of that billion arm buddha lady. -f
You look pretty good in the pics. Ok, sorry, I just had to say that. XD
faye- kuanyin action!

cori- thx. ;)
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