Monday, June 05, 2006
to Indiana and back

Five cities in the span of 2 days (Charlotte, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Woodburn, and Cleveland), and much time was spent in airplanes and cars.

The trip in pictures:

In a quest for affordable airplane tickets, Shiv and I flew coast to coast, from Seattle straight to Charlotte, North Carolina. We left late Friday night at around 9:30pm and arrived in Carolina about 5 hours later.

Much to our amusement, the airport in Charlotte was equipped with rocking chairs, carefully placed under indoor trees to create a faux-porch atmosphere. After all, nothing's more Southern/country than chilling on a porch in a rocking chair, right? Haha.

After an hour lay over in Charlotte, it was off to Indianapolis. Bye-bye, Carolina.

I never get tired of seeing the sky.

After landing in Indianapolis, it was a two and half hour drive out to Fort Wayne in the northeast. Our gracious hosts picked us up and took us to lunch before going to their house. The time is about 1:00pm in the afternoon, East Coast time.

The wedding ceremony was in a small town called Woodburn (population: 1.5k; 98.42% white) about a half hour outside of Fort Wayne. I haven't seen Helen for almost 3 years, the last time being before I had left for Japan back in 2003. It was also good seeing Steven, and meeting the rest of the Ono family, Mrs. Ono, and the other two siblings. I think they were the only relatives from Helen's side that were able to attend the ceremony... idiotic Homeland (in)Security department was taking too long to issue travel visas to their family in Brazil.

Before the reception, we stopped by "downtown" Woodburn for some cold soft serve. The weather was perfect - sunny, and a nice 70 degrees F.

Back on the road...

The rest of the evening, Shiv and I hung out with "Vancouver Joe", a old friend from CoHi who I haven't seen in a long time. We ended up having happy hour at a hole-in-the-wall joint in downtown Fort Wayne. Sunday morning, we went to church with our hosts, and then drove back to Indianapolis to catch a flight to Cleveland, and then from Cleveland... a flight back to Seattle.

Congratulations, Helen and Joel!

Five days until another wedding... Abe and Heidi's.


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