Friday, February 18, 2005
usually, i'm just sitting

I had forgotten that this fortuitous small note was in my wallet... it was from a fortune cookie I got this last Chinese New Year when my fam when out to eat with Chris, Jay, and the rest of the House of Fong (not to be confused with the House of Flying Daggers).

I don't consider myself to be a very superstitious person, but the fortune did seem to be oddly timely since I'm going through the whole application process to attend grad school at the moment. So is a possible return to school life, debt, poverty, and more work a step toward success? I really hope so, and so far, the pathway to grad school seems to be relatively smooth at the moment.

I got my WEST-B test scores back and I passed, which I was hoping since the test wasn't so difficult. My results:

  • MATH:      296 out of 300   PASSED
  • READING:  296 out of 300   PASSED
  • WRITING:  285 out of 300   PASSED

Those scores look much more impressive than they really are. Basically, the test shows only that I have mastered concepts that an elementary school level child should know... hahaha. The testing agency even tells you what objectives the test has in this document (PDF). I can now say that a 4.5 hour test has objectively determined that my mind is at least as intelligent as that of a graduating kid of the 8th grade. Whooohooo.

And yes, I'm a bit miffed my writing score was lowest.

Assuming I passed all the other tests I took (I haven't received the scores yet), the next round of fun will be interviews. Seattle U called me and I'll be going in next Thursday afternoon for a interview. I think it's a me vs. admission board panel interview too. Scary.

Did I mention it's almost been more than 4 months since I dressed up for anything, let alone an interview? The last time I was wearing "nice clothes" was this day and this day. Since my time as a working stiff in Japan, it's been hoodies, t-shirts, cargos, sweats, and sneaks. Not a bad thing as far as comfort, but it isn't too impressive to hardworking academic-types to walk into a interview rock'n a pair of frayed cargo pants and a t-shirt that says SLACKERS UNITE! TOMORROW.

Ascend or ascending sounds too glamorous for my life. Bald eagles, angels, greenhouse gases, and ICBMs ascend... not Garretts. A more apt description would include more colorful words like clawing, scratching, or oozing. Well, maybe not oozing, but how often have I ever written the word "oozing"? Never, until now!


I was going to write something about Million Dollar Baby, but my mind is still marinating on it. My quick thought: Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman have great chemistry, but Morgan Freeman has always struck me as one of the greatest, most underrated actors in Hollywood.

Shawshank Redemption.
Lean On Me.
Driving Ms. Daisy.
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Heck, even Bruce Almighty.

Read this list of movies and *what*... this man has never won an Oscar? That just proves right there the whole system is wack-ass movie politics.


thanks for providing moments of mirth.

i wouldn't say i was oozing with it, but i wasn't clawing for it. ;oP
^ f
faye- haha, thanks. "ooze" is such great word... it rhymes with "booze". =)
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