Saturday, July 26, 2003

Check out the new t-shirt... I saw Josh and Val today, just back from their honeymoon and they bought the shirt for me when they saw it up at Whistler. What can I say... my friends know me well. hahaha =)

OK, five goals in the next 2 months I'm gonna try to keep before I leave for Japan despite my innately strong slacker nature:

1) Eat less junk food, chips, candy, etc
2) Keep reading books... Christian living, philosophy, winemaking, geeky tech stuff
3) Brush up my Nihongo via old tapes, textbooks
4) Start running / jogging / bike riding again
5) drag my butt back to kendo

Go slacker go! I'll consider my plan a success if I hit 3 outta 5. Slacker-ism at its best.

Next great idea for a t-shirt: arrows pointing outward left and right with the printed words "weapons of mass destruction". I'd send 'em to my homies (Chicago) Joe or Mel, both of whom mos def have some big guns.


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