Friday, October 22, 2004
half empty or half full?

Today was my last day working at the school in Ashiya... it was a quiet day, so in a way, it's what I wanted. No fanfare or drama... just small visits from students who came to say goodbye to me.

Ashiya has been good to me... great co-workers, great students. When you work with the same group of people for a year, and you see them everyday, they really do become a part of your life. I was blessed with a good set of folks whom deserve a more lengthy write-up at a later date.

I'm sad to leave, yet I know that's what I need to do... time to say good-bye to the corporate (English-teaching) thug persona... a suit doesn't really suit my personality anyways. haha. (I can hear the collective groan of the internet over that pun).


Tarnished Gold

Is it just my imagination, or do the US Olympians have a history of jacking South Korean athletes of their gold medals?

Sure, Hamm "won"... but on scoring error. It's like refs in the Super Bowl forgetting to add a touchdown to scoreboard. And though the South Korean committee blundered and didn't file a protest in time, that doesn't change the fact that essentially, the error was the fault of judges - not the gymnasts. If Hamm was a real sportsman (aren't the Olympics about competition and sportsmanship), he'd the mistake and at least offer to share the gold... even better would be for Hamm to give it up entirely.

So what does he do?

Hamm refuses to hand over the medal, AND he hires a legal team. That's right, here in America... SUE TO PROTECT YOUR ILL GOTTEN GOLD! Sports lawyers... pshht. Male gymnasts... HA. It goes to show that Americans still have a monopoly on ego in the world.

American athletes... *shakes head*

Don't even get me started about the basketball or baseball teams... or the all runners caught doping.


i like ur doodles. haha.

and thank u. :o)
oops. forgot to close with '-f'

*cheers* to another new chapter...
You have to wonder...or at least I'm wondering if professional and amateur athletes betting years of their lives at getting that one chance of stardom coming only once every 4 years is a good thing...In general I think it's a tragedy that sports stars are willing to risk just about everything for what essentially is just a game, and it just hit me that the blame falls squarely on those of us who depend so great much on these games as diversion entertainment. Whole lives of people in one group are turned upside down because those in another group can't seem get their priorities in order. And I am as guilty as the next person who thinks the world of the art of piano playing.
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