Wednesday, December 06, 2006
personal et cetera

  • The future Mrs. had her birthday this last weekend. I took her out to eat tasty Indian food at the obviously labeled joint, Naan-N-Curry, in downtown Renton. It was our first time there, but the food lived up to my (Google researched) hype. Delicious stuff, and best of all, she was happy.

  • I got a new phone... a very sexy LG vx8600. I've been itching to get a new phone, especially since I've been using it a lot lately to call and arrange wedding stuff. It has lots of nifty features, and it's probably the first phone I've used here in the US that's superior to the phone I had while I was in Japan.

    Plays mp3s (even space for podcasts, heh), video, and has a 1.3 megapixel camera... not to mention Bluetooth support, and a featherweight physical profile with expandable memory via removable microSD ram. Nifty.

    And best of all... it was FREE! All thanks to the fact that I haven't upgraded and my service contract was up. I <3 free.

  • Oh yeah... grad school. Things are looking up. Now I gotta make moves to get things ready for January.

  • The wedding is less than two weeks away. Crazy.


On a not personal note, but a cool / social justice note...

The first OLPC has recently been built! (photos)

What a great project idea.


Hey G,

Is that Naan and Curry place better than joints in Seattle (Cedars, Banjara, Chutney's, etc..)? I think I might give it a try.
Hmmm, I'd rate slightly below Cedars, but it's still a good joint to go to if you're in the Renton area.

I've only eaten there once, so I probably have to do so some follow-up eating to make sure the quality's consistent. ;)
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