Tuesday, September 19, 2006
keeping busy to keep from going crazy

Sometimes when you have a lot on your mind, meditating on it and letting it marinate in your brain juices requires a rote task like organizing something... which in my case, would be my MP3 collection.

While enjoying / fiddling with the latest release of Apple's iTunes, my latest "hobby" (read: way to occupy idle time) is to surf the internet and find album art covers for all the music that I have in my iTunes library. Yes, I know that I could conceivably take the trouble to actually go myself and scan by hand all the covers of the album art of albums I own, but I find it's considerably faster to actually run a search via various methods and find that the cover's already there.

The above collage of album art covers represents a small sampling of artists currently occupying some of the various iTunes playlists I have at the moment. While the bottom right hand picture is obviously fake (it'll probably be used for a future podcast), music aficionados will probably notice that there are several music covers that are fake and made by yours truly (though all the artists are real...).

Can you tell which ones are real and which are fake?

(HINT: It helps if you know who the artists are and their various discographies)

Photoshop is fun.


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