Sunday, May 14, 2006
portrait of the teacher as mr. chan, pt.2

I like the attention given to my hairstyle and the shape of my glasses in this picture. I am also amused by the depiction of my freakishly large head (yes, I do have physically massive head) and the butterfly wings on my back (or are they moth wings, like Arthur from 'The Tick'? Spoon!).

The cards they made (samples) do make me feel a little bit better, I admit it. It brings back memories to the artistic talents of my 3rd graders back in last September.

If only if I knew then what I know now. Hey, look... another bottle, just for me!



You just got owned. Or if you prefer... "pwn'd".


that's the sort of stuff that makes me miss teaching. so much.
heehee. too too cute. it almost makes me want to be a teacher (for a day) just to get those. bwhahahha. -f
I think those are angel wings, G! And you're standing on fluffy white colours... like 'em Philly cream cheese commercials! Your student thinks you're a God-sent, G! Don't give up.
Some people will say angel wings, you may think moth, but we all know what they really are. The wings of a fairy.
pip, faye, m> thanks...

mike>haha! you bastard. =)
awww...that's such a cute card :)

p.s: enjoyed reading your other post...hope you don't mind me linking to your blog! aloha :)
consuela- welcome, and np... feel free to link me.
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