Thursday, September 15, 2005
a portrait of the teacher as mr. chan

The dominant thought in my stream of consciousness: I miss my 3rd graders already.

It's hard to believe, but my two weeks observing and helping out at Stevens Elementary is over now. It was my first time back in a American K-12 classroom since I was an elementary student, so it was interesting to see how much some things have changed, and how much some things haven't. Looking at the school's statistics gives only a faint picture of all the issues and trends that face urban public elementary schools these days - diverse populations, large numbers of ESL kids, poverty (by % of free lunch program), testing, and parent involvement. I still want to see what other schools are out there, but if I ended up doing more student teaching at Stevens or if I happened to be lucky enough to work there, I'd be very happy.

Since it was my last day helping out in their class, I brought the kids candy (mmm, blowpops). The kids made me cards, like the one above, most of which feature their interpretations of what Mr.Chan looks like. Funny how perceptive the kids were in noticing my favorite color for most of my shirts. What can I say, my color preferences are consistent at least.

Tomorrow, it's back to class at Seattle U... I'm looking forward to hearing my classmates' stories. But I'm going to have to say that my kids were the best. They mastered my "silly face jutsu" very well, heh heh. ^_^


remembering & honoring those who served

A great story in the Seattle Times today about the often-forgotten Chinese American veterans of WWII. Makes me think of my maternal grandfather (who I never had the privilege of meeting) who served as well. I hope our generation continues to seek ways to document and record their experiences, so we can pass it on to the next.


i want 3rd graders to draw pictures of me too! haha. too cute. the kids and their pics.

and i guess you only own solid or striped blue shirts.

f- in my defense, i was wearing a blue striped shirt on my last day... but yeah, i got a lot of blue shirts. no red ties, though. haha.

the picture in this post was drawn by a sweet little Chinese girl in the class. =)
cute :)

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