Saturday, March 18, 2006

So Thursday, I finished my last day of class for Winter quarter at Seattle U... I turned in a 24-page paper that's a unit plan for teaching 2nd grade kids about the science of balance & motion, did a couple of brief presentations (one on an education community resource, one on the themed literature unit I wrote), and yes, another paper, though it was just a short 2-page paper where I was required to reflect on my experiences of the past quarter. January 3rd seems like ages ago, when I first encountered the big monstrous syllabus for the 3 month course - 70+ pages!

Anyways, while I'm done with classes for a brief moment, there'll be no Spring Break for me for awhile. On Monday I jump right into my full-time student teaching internship with the 2nd grade class I've been visiting the past quarter. I'm excited to see what happens.


viva la (podcasting) revolution

The podcasting project I mentioned before has really taken off. The IIStix Podcasting Project is now in full effect... wh00t (Thanks to moy for the webspace)! You can check out the official iTunes link right here (thanks Shawn).

I'm working on my 2nd podcast right now...


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