Wednesday, January 11, 2006
re-focusing, perspective

Tonight, my Bible study wrapped up a series that one of our members suggested called "Cat & Dog Theology" (someone else's notes here). It's a funny title, but basically the core question of the study was this: as Christians, do we truly live lives devoted to God or do we live lives selfishly devoted to our ownselves? Materialism and the "ME ME ME" culture have arguably dominated the modern Christian Church in America pretty much since the post-WWII era.

Anyways, it was a good meeting. Though all the guys in my Bible study are in the same age range (mostly post-college) and Asian American (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, & Filipino), we represent a pretty wide spectrum of careers, interests, and personality types. These past couple of weeks of school have been hectic, the stress also of my financial situation (gotta find a job, renew FAFSA, etc.), and my geezer accident, so it was good catching up with them.

Good friends help give you perspective, even if the problems they're dealing with are different - one guy is engaged and busy marriage planning, one guy just got back from a vacation in Japan and has jury duty, one guy is working long hours at a new job, another guy has just started up college again while working FT, another one of our guys is undergoing full chemo and radiation treatment for a life-threatening cancer... somehow we all draw strength from each other. It's sorta like the problems of this world are reminders of the spiritual struggles we all face.

Next week will be good too... time to relax, plan our next study, and HOT POT! All men think better with hot food in their bellies.


here to (not) save the day

During lunch between classes today, a group of us grad students from my program somehow got to talking about "mundane superpowers" and if we were superheroes, what our superhero name would be - there was the Baker (she bakes a lot), the Clarifier (always is asking questions in class to clarify things), the Ice Breaker (no fear of walking up to strangers and striking up a convo), the Prism (always is breaking things down to their parts), the Cynic-cissor (always cynical... the title I'd characterize myself as). However, my classmates correctly observed my true superpower.

Whadda ya think?




...yeah, I'm the 'Sleeper', gifted with the power to fall asleep anytime (but esp. long class periods) while sometimes appearing to still be half-awake. Haha.



I really want to go to the Northwest Asian American Film Festival here in Seattle, but tickets are helluva expensive, even with the student discount. Maybe I'll just try to pop in and see whatever is a free screening... =/


i totally guessed your superpower. too easy! :P
where do you get hot pot in seattle?
my friend is back from abroad for the upcoming holidays and has jury duty too. haha. -f
Swirley - Sichuanese Cuisine in Redmond... all you can eat hot pot and dumplings! =D

faye- too funny.
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