Sunday, January 08, 2006
I've fallen and I can't get up

If you recognize the above line, you too might remember the cheesy commercial in which a company tries to sell senior citizens living alone at home an automatic paging device to summon medical assistance. The phrase popped into my head today because - yep - I slipped and fell down.

I happened to be cleaning up around my computer desk, looking for my old Microsoft Office CD when it happened. Since large piles of papers and books collect around my computer desk, it can be as they say in Japan, gucha gucha da (messy). My computer desk is in my house's living room (carpeted) but it borders the kitchen (linoleum). I was trying to carefully maneuver stacks of my stuff when my foot slipped on the kitchen floor and down I went. I think my added bulk (from all the food I ate during the holiday) contributed to the pain of the experience. Ow.

Despite the pain (which was more to my pride than my body), I guess I should consider myself fortunate. According to these statistics, falls are the leading cause of fatal home accidents, next to poisonings. Of course, most of those who die from falling happen to be the elderly who are 65 years or older, but hey... I'm getting up there too, right?

I feel old at least.... O_o


Yesterday, I finally caught a matinee of Munich and I liked it a lot. Very beautiful cinematography, with several perfectly positioned shots (I think of a beautiful shot of two characters at dusk, walking up to their friend slumped on a bench)... and of course, Spielberg's masterful humanization of his characters. Another interesting part of the movie I liked that I didn't hear about before seeing it: Mr. Spielberg's non-sequential pacing of the Bana's character's story juxtaposed with the dramatized events of the Munich massacre. I was really impressed by Eric Bana's performance as the lead Israeli MOSSAD agent, Avner.

Ultimately, I came out of the film thinking that Western civilization, especially Americans, need to more critically think about issues of terrorism, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the role of governments in maintaining peace. The movie provoked a lot of wrinkle-inducing questions in my mind.

Good stuff.


i cant believe theres actually a wiki article on that commercial. wiki knows all.

and it sounds like it's time to buy some slippers with non-slip soles.
dks- no kidding, dude...
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