Friday, January 27, 2006
33% done and counting

So the good news is that the project I've been slaving over the past 2 weeks is finally done. The bad news is that I still have TWO more projects like it coming up this quarter - designing a literacy unit and designing a mathematics/science unit, both of which I'm supposed to use during my student teaching my 2nd graders.


At least this weekend, I can relax and enjoy (Chinese) Lunar New Year.


Hawaiian Goodness

The social studies unit design project sucked my life away this past week, but on Wednesday afternoon, I did receive a morale boost via mail - Cori very kindly hooked me up with a huge package of awesome goodies from Hawai'i in exchange for a couple of Densha Otoko DVDs I sent:

Hooo, dems dah grinds! Originally, all I had asked for was just the spam musubi mold (I wanted a backup), but she went above and beyond the call of duty. Hopefully, I'll be able to resist the temptation to eat all the candy at once. Isn't it nice when someone just spoils you with more kindness than you expect?

I think everyone (myself included) could use more of that these days...


(responding): i am horrible about taking vitamins. it a new years resolution of mine last year... and i've still got a near-full bottle (90-tablets) of multivitamins sitting here. =P thanks for the advice though. btw, congrats on getting your project finished! why are your projects assigned for 2nd graders? are the grades randomly assigned or so that the material isn't as complex as the higher grades? will you be "testing" it out in the classroom? i'm just curious since i've only taught 2nd grade a few times (usually 3rd and up).
angela- yeah, teachers definitely need vitamins. DO IT!

as for my projects, they all have to be designed for use with the class i'm student teaching for, which is 2nd grade.
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