Sunday, January 22, 2006
doomsday project

I've got a huge project due at the end of this week that's worth about 30% of my grade. I have to design a social studies unit to teach my 2nd graders... the minimum length of the unit has to have enough lessons to cover a 2-week period. Completing this project is a mandatory requirement - basically, failure on this means flunking out of my grad program.

While I don't have to write up the exact details of every lesson in the 2-week period, there is a fairly substantial amount of writing required to describe the rationale behind why I chose to do the unit, the various psychological theories behind learning and child development that my unit is based on, etc. I'm supposed to include a complete grading rubric, a day-to-day calendar, and a completed bibliography citing my sources. The sample project we're supposed to model ours after is about 35 pages.


While part of me is pretty sure that doing this project won't be a major problem, another part of me just completely lacks confidence in my ability to plan, organize, and write the whole thing out. This whole past weekend I've been marinating on it in my mind, because honestly, it's for me to write it out unless I think it through in my head. Unfortunately, the majority of what's in my head hasn't translated to much typing on the screen - I've written barely 2 pages.

I just know I'm not going to be sleeping much this week until it's done... O_o


hey garrett!
i personally thought it was a little silly to make grad students do all that stuff cuz the reality of teaching is that you are NOT going to have to do all that THAT thoroughly. but the good part is that if you do happen to get a 2nd grade class... you'd have an awesome ss unit already planned out!

anywayz, i already know you'll be a great teacher, so hang in there!
grace- thx for the encouragement... we'll see how things go, eh?
eh, that's what i get to look forward to when i try to become an elementary teacher in the US?!
angela- oh yes. but just think... if you attend the school and program as me, you'll benefit from my labor by having another project from which to model yours after... =P
hahah, thanks for the offer -- i'll see if it entices me to apply!
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