Monday, December 26, 2005
wannabe A/V nerd adventures

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. I know I did.

Some places were closed today, but a (not) surprisingly, most places weren't. I ran a couple of errands, and dropped by Fry's to check out the "One Day Only After Christmas" sale. The place was packed and most of the deals were already picked over, but a sale on a couple of A/V items gave me an idea - I started looking for plug adapters and cords to connect my computer to the family TV. It's been something I've wanted to do for awhile, given the large amount of TV, Asian movies, and cartoons I watch on my computer.

Though I don't mind doing all this at my computer [Dec.29], there is something much nicer about doing it while slouching on the family couch, beverage and food close at hand. It's almost too American, I know.

The goods:

1x Y-type 3.5mm stereo plug
2x 3.5mm to component plugs
1x standard A/V component cable
total cost: ~$13

While buying the stuff, I only had two concerns. The first was whether or not the 3.5mm to component plugs would fit while put side to side into the Y-type plug. The second, and more major concern, was whether or not the component cable would be long enough. I didn't want to waste money by buying an expensive cord that was too long, so I estimated the length from my computer desk to the television set to be about 12 feet and I bought the corresponding length cord - 12 feet.

I went home and the first concern turned out to be no problem - the two 3.5mm to component plugs fit nicely next to each other on the Y-type plug. But as for the second concern, it turned out that my estimation was slightly off... my computer desk was about 15 feet away, not 12. I had come up too short.

Dah, the story of my life.

Guess I'll be heading back to the store to buy a longer cord... O_o


just an idea...

but if you have a av switcher thing you add another cord on there to get it to join.


I have one i'm not using if you want to pick it up.
ryan- nice. i will PM ya via iistix.
For a cleaner install than an AV box mid-stream, just connect a pair of gay RCA cables (male-to-male) together with some lesbian RCA couplers (female-to-female). They look like the 1/8" to RCA couplers in your picture, except with female connections on both sides. You can pick those up cheap at Radio Shack.

FYI, running an unshielded cable 15 feet, you might run into signal degredation or signal interference. If you bundle cables with zip ties, you want to avoid bundling with power cords, since your AC grid can act like a radio antenna.
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