Tuesday, October 04, 2005
natsu no owari

October has snuck up on me and it really hits me now that the summer is gone.

Maybe it's all the bad events that have been happening the past few months (like a friend's health situation), or maybe its just my own personal issues with the way life is right now, but I still can't shake the uneasy feeling that there's still more tough times ahead. If there's one thing this life has taught me, it's that you're usually only one breath away from from another hardship or disappointment. The the world seems driven to pick on those who don't deserve it, but that's the definition of "unfair", right? My cynicism shines brightly.

As Stone wisely (and sarcastically) commented, I can hear the platitudes already. Everything happens for a reason. Something will good come out of all of this. Things will be OK.

Uh-huh. Riiight. O_o

I don't know what drives my preoccupation for trying to understand everything that happens in this busted world, but sometimes, I really do wish I didn't know things I knew and I lived a simpler life. I wonder if I'd been content to have been born a goose or a shark or a porpoise. Ya know, something more mobile and less self-conscious. Sentience sometimes isn't the great boon that it's supposed to be.

But yeah... it really is the end of summer. No matter the regret, disappointment, hardship, hope, faith or pain... some endings always come regardless. I guess that's when we're supposed to make our peace with God about it.


Natsu no Owari (Summer's End)
by Naotarou Moriyama

mizubasho yureru azemichi
katanarabete yume wo tsumuida
nagareyuku toki ni sasabune wo ukabe
yakeochita natsu no koiuta
wasureji no hito wa utakata
sora wa yuugure

On the little path running along side the patty,
skunk cabbage waving in the wind,
we stood side by side and wove a dream together.
I set a bamboo leaf boat on the river of time flowing away.
The summer love song burning down,
the one I'll never forget is but a fleeting memory
and the sky is dusk.

tohou ni kureta mama furiyamanu ame no naka
anata wo matteita hitokage no nai eki de

Still unsure what to do, in a rain which never lets up
I waited for you at the station, not another soul in sight.

natsu no owari, natsu no owari ni wa
tada anata ni aitaku naru no
itsuka to onaji kaze fukinukeru kara

The end of summer, at the end of summer
all I want is to see you.
Because the wind of those days is blowing through here again.

tsuioku wa hito no kokoro no
kizuguchi ni fukaku shimiiri
kasumidatsu nobe ni natsukusa wa shigeri
arekara doredake no toki ga
itazura ni sugita darou ka
seseragi no you ni

Memory sinks deep into the wounds in people's hearts
In the field getting misty, the summer grasses grow thick,
How much time has gone by in vain since those days,
like the murmur of a stream.

dareka ga iikaketa kotoba yoseatsumete mo
daremo ga wasureyuku natsu no hi wa kaeranai

Even if I try to make sense of what someone tried to tell me,
Anybody would forget,
there's no going back to those summer days.

natsu no inori, natsu no inori ni wa
tae naru hotarubi no shirabe
kaze ga yurashita fuurin no hibiki

The prayer of summer, In the prayer of summer
the extraordinary music of the fireflies.
the ringing of the wind chime caught in a breeze.

natsu no owari natsu no owari ni wa
tada anata ni aitaku naru no
itsuka to onaji kaze fukinukeru kara

The end of summer, at the end of summer
all I want is to see you
Because the wind of those days is blowing through here again...


Help yourself to a taste of Mr. Moriyama's fine music right here. (right click + save as)


Ooh, trippy photo! Looks like a late-Sixties album cover.

Hang in there!
Steve- thx.
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