Monday, August 29, 2005
school daze

It's hard to believe, but been over 3 years since I graduated from the UW... and now I'm back in school again. Hello, Seattle U.

So far I've been (mildly) impressed in my interactions with the faculty and my fellow students, so I suppose the cynical side of myself is guardedly waiting for the honeymoon period to end. I came into the program not knowing anybody except Shiv, but funny enough, I met at the orientation session a guy named Jon who happened to be the friend of a friend and fellow counselor at this year's Warm Beach. On another side note, Jon and I are both Chinese and the only Asian American guys in the program. In the cohort of 50 students, I'm estimate about 70% of the students are women and 90% of the students are white.


ciao Steph

I forgot to mention that this weekend was also a bit sad in that Steph has left wonderful Seattle to return to Oregon (*snicker*) for a brief break before her big move to UCLA. We held an impromptu surprise party during the week on Wednesday, but I went over on Sunday say goodbye and help pack her car with the last of her stuff.

Amazingly, it all fit.

Bye-bye, Brasil, Maplewood, and AACF buddy! I'll miss all our inside jokes, movie banter, and making funny comments about Oregon/Portland... I hope you come back to Seattle from LA with a ring and good Chinese man in tow. heh heh. =D


whats the ethnic breakdown of Seattle U student population in general?
Oh my goodness, took me a second to recognize who was standing in the middle! Her hair is sooo short now!
dks - hmmm, good question. I'll have to look into it, but I'm guessing since I'm in a Masters in Teaching program, the demographics are skewed.
I prefer tchau Steph. Or even better, at� mais Steph (see ya later Steph).
i made it into your blog! with a photo! i have now achieved all my goals. :D thanks for helping me pack up the car and for taking years of my life at the surprise party. you are one scary "surpriser." :D
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