Monday, August 01, 2005
missing the mark

Well, the deadline I set for myself has passed, but unfortunately for me, the grad work still remains. Out of all the projects I'm involved in at the moment, from my work with the Wing Luke Museum to working with Chong on the CoHi Film Project, I just can't seem to generate the enthusiastic energy need to reach a state of ultra-productivity that would let complete all this grad school work.

Appropiately, I was wearing this shirt today. My embodiment of the slacker aspect is complete... again.

While I am bothered by the fact that the deadline has gone by, I suppose I can readily toss it into the pile of all the other personal disappointments I've had the past few years with all the ceremony of my typical shrug of the shoulders and "oh well". Maybe if I had the other things for grad school squared away (tuition, housing, transportation, etc) I'd feel better. Maybe.

I've been having a lot weird dreams lately. Apocalyptic, end of the world stuff. Doom, doom, doom! Makes me wanna have a beer. Or two.


On a nicer note, my friend Mel executed the ancient Chinese check-snatching technique and generously paid for the whole Bible study's hotpot dinner tonight. Hotpot and dumplings seems a bid odd a warm summer day, but it still hit the spot.

In other news, Chinese people fan-translate Harry Potter! Heh.


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