Monday, April 25, 2005
amagasaki accident

-Police Raid Train Operator; 73 Dead in Crash
-Train Derails on curve, killing dozens in Japan

The latest updates on the accident keeping getting worst... the death toll is now 73 and the Japanese police raided the offices of JR Nishi Nihon (Japan Rail West Japan, the company that owns the train line), to check for evidence of professional negligence. The president of the company will also be resigning to take responsibility for the disaster.

It looks like the current theory behind the crash is that train's young driver was speeding to make up for being behind schedule, and that perhaps, he hit something on the track / or there was something wrong with the track... the combination of these factors being that the train jumped the track and crashed into the building.

My mind has been thinking about the accident a lot today. I'll always remember riding trains in Japan in pictures I took, like during 2004 Easter weekend and Father's Day).

Given the number of trains running around Japan, I guess an accident is almost an inevitable statistical fact. And it could have been me on that train.


In happier news, I had saba shioyaki and tempura for dinner today at Arita in Greenwood. I had the biggest smile on my face while I was chowing down on it all... damn good.

In other interesting news, a UW grad recently made $600k in winnings from two European poker tournaments. Whoa.


i like reading your blog. hm...that's it. =) see you around @ CBC. love, marcia
amy - yah, saba... oishiiiiiiii

marcia - hello! ;)
Dude, I invited Dai Sil Kim-Gibson to KASCON. Act like I don't know this, man!
justin - heh... hey, the article is for your readers more than you. i'm surprised u didn't post it with the video. =D
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