Friday, April 16, 2004

Last Easter Weekend in pictures... plus gar-stylee haiku commentary. wh00t.

    she's over eighty
    but it's never too late
    to start over

    two turntables
    hip-hop music everywhere
    back to the streets

    water and trees
    spring is blossoming now
    moment's rest

    young sakura
    bathing now in the open sun
    your time is short

    hey, are you angry?
    no, but i like camo
    it's very cheap

    before the sword
    men of old wielded the bow
    fighting for glory

    some spicy udon
    in a bowl of curry

    hearing a guitar
    a song i can relate to
    one son's angst

    its from here to there
    trains going to home
    which one to catch?


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