Wednesday, November 20, 2002
Feeling guilty on the internet while looking at...

...job sites. Something about it makes me feel dirty... it's a weird sensation, wh0ring myself to companies. Maybe I'm still too damn proud. What is it about Chinese men and being proud?

Well, despite my lack of confidence recently, I fired off another resume/cover letter to a prospective job just now. My first one in a couple of weeks, so we'll see how it goes. My new policy about job hunting is to tell my mother NOTHING. I love dear ol' mama, but besides the crapload of questions she asks me when I mention I'm applying to a job ("How much does it pay? Where is it? What are you going to do?"), telling my mom about any prospective job offers just seems to be plain bad luck. I'm not normally a superstitious guy, but that's the pattern. Freak'n Deloitte job was supposed to be a straight shot, and that went to the crapper, even after two rounds of interviews. Yep, no more informing the moms... it's Jame Bond style now: everything on a need to know basis.

In a completely unrelated note, somebody suggested to me I put a 'comments' thingie on my blog. I've thought about it, but after some short consideration, I decided not. Besides being too lazy to implement it all, I've decided to remain the selfish little tyrant of this blog, el dictator supreme-o of its content. I've never had a problem with megalomania (unlike my pal Forrest, haha), but I figure since I'm such a kind, well-mannered, and accommodating soul in real life, this blog is my little selfish treasure to write whatever the hell I want.

But hey, if all of you mysterious people who visit this thing every once inawhile want to shoot me an e-mail, that's cool. I always enjoy mail. Just don't be stupid or rude, or stupid and rude. Otherwise, I'm obliged to verbally tear you a new one like Mr. April 22nd.


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