Saturday, December 09, 2006
who is that masked man?


Nope, I'm not joining any underground revolutionary movements or getting into doing graf... work has just been busy. It's been refreshing to do some new kinds of things.

Just 8 more days.


it's still not funny

The latest celebrity to join the "I'm A Stupid Idiot Who Likes To Spew Racist Language" club is none other than Rosie O'Donnell - check out this YouTube link of her demonstrating her mastery of "ching chong ching chong" Chinese (it's also linked up on Gawker).

I've never been a fan of her... now I have a real reason to intensely dislike her.

The worst part about the clip in my eyes is that nobody even dares to call O'Donnell on her racist BS... the other hosts on the show laugh. Ha ha ha... ching chong! So funny! It's always hilarious to make fun of chinks and their language!.

Feel free to let 'em have it... contact "The View" right here and tell them that the Asian American community isn't gonna sit on this one... if we're gonna call out Shaq, Adam Carolla, and others, we definitely have to call out O'Donnell to make a public apology for her BS.

(Thanks to AngryAsianMan for the original story tip).


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