Friday, December 15, 2006
hearts in the darkness

If the upcoming wedding wasn't enough craziness... a recent mega-windstorm has knocked power all around the greater Seattle area, especially the eastside and south. My mom's house has been without power since late last night, and they're not expecting to restore power for awhile. The governor even declared a state of emergency.


Less than 48 hours until the big day.


sorry me and the fam cant be up there for you. but we're all proud of you.
Crazy...hopefully everyone is alright...

My parents told me that a tree fell on our house. luckily it didn't break the house, but if it did, then my parents wouldn't be here. Thank you God.

The insurance company is not going to pay for the damage to the house. They say it's an act of God. Well, at least my parents are alright. I'd feel bad if something happened to them.

Is everyone else alright to your knowledge? Anyway, hopefully. It's crazy that all of this is happening around the time of your wedding and Dennis' funeral.

One thing that happened to my family before was that when my grandfather passed away, my dad's uncle passed away too about a week later. I forget what happened. But he believes that when someone dies, the spirits try to take away other people as well. Not sure if that's true or not or if that relates to the storm. Anyway, lots of people die daily, so it might not relate to anything of what i said.

Anyway, I pray that your day goes well on your wedding. Also, I hope that Dennis' funeral will be a celebration and a testimony to his friends and family. I never really knew Dennis...and I wish that I did after reading some stories. Anyway...
damn dude... hope you issued windbreakers with the invitations... good luck
i made you a special message...
God Bless you and your fiance on your big day. I know you're dad would be proud of you!
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