Wednesday, November 22, 2006
top chef 2

Anybody else a fan of Top Chef?

My mom and fiancee are avid watchers of the show, and they've gotten me hooked on watching it (especially since LOST is on mid-season hiatus right now). My epicurean tendencies in the realm of food are what first got me interested because cooking is one of those things that I can do OK, but if I had more time, I'd love to learn to do it better... watching how the chefs do their thing is one part educational, one part entertainment (though some of the dishes seem a bit too artsy-fartsy, food nazi for me).

I'm rooting for Cliff to win, the self-taught cook from NY. He has a pretty laid-back, no nonsense demeanor, and his cooking has been pretty impressive so far - he's already won several challenges, including a 30-minute sushi challenge judged by a professional sushi chef! A black man making good sushi... gotta love the smashing of stereotypes. ;)

Also on the show's site: Lee Anne Wong, one of the better chef-contestants from last season, shows how to cook some Turducken Roulade. Awesome!

If you happen to be bored tomorrow on Thanksgiving Day, I think there's a marathon tomorrow of the first six or so episodes.


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