Wednesday, November 15, 2006
i have zero fashion sense

Yesterday, I was doing my volunteering at the school and I got to teach a short lesson on writing to the kids. Since the focus of my short lesson was on the importance of details and good descriptions in a piece of writing, I decided to get the kids' attention for the exercise by using a funny picture I took during my short trip to LA last year to attend Grace and Joe's wedding. My friends Simon, Jermaine, and I were in a Barnes and Noble that happened to be giving away free fake glasses in anticipation of the release of the new Harry Potter book.

You can imagine the laughs and funny pieces of writing I got using the above, but the best conversation went like this:

student: Mr. Chan, you look really weird in that picture.
Gar: (innocently) Really? How come?
student: It's the Harry Potter glasses and your Bruce Lee t-shirt...
Gar: What about them?
student: They totally don't match. Duh.

I've been busted by a 5th grade fashionista. The shame.


there should be a thought bubble that encloses 'philosophy' in the back. bwhwhwa

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