Wednesday, October 04, 2006
LOST Season 3 premiere

Well, the new episode is tonight. I think I'll try to "live blog" it:


OK... some funny book club in suburbia. Hmm, earthquake... wait... the plane?! The Others got their own suburb? WTH?!

Jack flashback... and he wakes up in some funky dark dungeon. Kate wakes up in a locker room with guy-with-the-fake-beard. And Sawyer wakes up in... the zoo?! Damn, souther boy got jacked on the lodgings.

Everybody seems to have had their blood taken...

More flashbacks to Jack losing wifey. Now back to Jack and some blond Others chick. Jack's ignoring her, but hey, wouldn't you do too?

Kate's clothes got jacked and they left her a dress... so she could have lunch on the beach? And now a lecture from the boss guy? Freaky Others...

"the next two weeks are gonna be very unpleasant"?!

Ominous. I predict lots of "testing" and "probes". Maybe Jack, Sawyer, and Kate all have latent powers/ special abilities too?

Another Jack flashback. Mind games with blonde Others chick.

I guess the Others like grilled cheese.

Sawyer busts out thanks to crazy kid!

Hrmm, Sawyer didn't get so far.

More crazy Jack flashbacks. Don't open the door!

I bet there's water behind the door... yep.

So he's in an underwater dungeon? Interesting.

It doesn't matter who we were... it only matters who we are.

The Others got the 411 on Jack.... duh-dum! Maybe they have Internet access to a PI.

Looks like the Others are even better at being stalkers.

Cliffhanger... of course. Looks like next week is a rescue by Sayid, Jin, and Sun! wh00t.


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