Wednesday, October 04, 2006
elementary lyrical genius

So yesterday was my 2nd time back volunteering at a new school and working with the young 'uns since last year. I still don't feel very "teacher like", but I enjoy doing little things to help out, like helping small groups of kids with their WASL math work prep or their language arts assignments.

I was helping this one kid with his math assignment and I had the following conversation:

Gar: How are you doing? What problem are you working on?
student: This stuff is really hard... I wish I had something to help me.
Gar: Like what? A calculator?
student: No, I wish I had some music to help me work.
Gar: Ah, I see. I like to listen to music too when I work.

(silence for a few seconds)

student: yoyoyo yoyoyo yoyoyo yoyoyo wassup yoyoyo yoyoyoyo
Gar: ?!? haha...
student: yoyoyoyoyoy wassup yoyoy yoyoy wassup yoyoyoyo
Gar: what are you doing?!
student: I'm rapping. I like rap music.
Gar: nice.

Funny stuff.


On a hip-hop related note, when I was introducing myself for the first time to the kids, I mentioned that one of my favorite groups are the Blue Scholars. At the mention of the name, several of the kids' eyes lighted up and they shouted, "I know who that is! They're from Seattle!"

Ah, warms the heart to know that elementary school kids have some knowledge of good music these days...


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