Monday, October 30, 2006
catapult kids and capt'n sleepy

My church had its annual fall carnival this past weekend, so I went to both help out, supervise the high school students manning the booths, and of course... eat some carnival food (mmm, popcorn, hotdogs, and candy). A large amount of kids showed up, about 120+, which was great. I suppose given the way things are these days, parents are always looking for fun, safe, and cheap activities for their kids rather than the door-to-door tradition of trick-or-treating of Halloween.

At just $2 per an entry ticket, it was pretty accessible to pretty much every family at the church and the community... where else can you go that lets you play games, get candy & toys, and eat a dinner as a family? I'm glad the church subsidizes community-service oriented events like this.

I ended up spending a lot of time helping with the "catapult" booth, where kids got to fire bean bags at a stack of empty popcans via a homemade catapult powered by some pretty strong springs. I found it entertaining how much the kids got really into aiming and using the catapult... with just 4 chances per a play, most of the kids got the hang of it, even the kindergarteners. If ever there's an apocalyptic future devoid of firearms and the world has collapsed into competing feudal states, at least a large number of young Chinese American children in the Seattle area now have some experience in medieval seige warfare. ;)


Sleeping patterns in my life have gotten weird again, which I attribute to both the stress of wedding + church stuff + (trying to get back into) grad school + work, along with a combination of trying to limit my, ahem, consumption of "spirited beverages" as a customary nightcap. Besides the carnival, it was a packed weekend... I got the chance to visit my friend Dennis on Saturday afternoon, and honorary little sister dos, Cora, swung through also to pay a visit. Sunday was church service as usual, with an added important meeting about the future of the 3rd service (youth / contemporary service) at my church.

It was a good meeting, but on the way home from the meeting, I found myself seriously getting drowsy and almost got into an car accident less than a mile away from my house while driving home. When you've driven on certain roads for your whole life, there's a certain amount of "autopilot" that can kick in. It's not usually dangerous, but add some sleepiness to the equation and it can be disasterous. I also made another stupid mistake while running errands at the store and the gas station, but since nothing was hurt except my pride, I'll self-censor myself by leaving it at that... it a stupid mistake, and man, it was pretty embarassing. Doh.

As soon as I got home and sat on the couch, I basically crashed and fell asleep... there was nothing to hold back the heaviness of my eyelids. I woke up only twice afterwards, both times to answer phonecalls.

Ironically, all the sleep turned out to be good because my friend Cora's flight back to NY got delayed by a couple of hours, and instead of leaving at 12AM, the flight had been pushed back to 2AM. She had already been hanging out there since 8ish to see her BF off back to Cali, so I offered to pick her up to take her out to eat instead of hanging out around SeaTac. We ended up picking up ice-cream (low fat for my diet, HA) and chips which we snacked on while laughing ourselves silly while watching several episodes of MTV's "Yo Mamma" (hosted by Wilmer, AKA "Fez" from That 70s Show). It reminded of the good 'ol days of college life in the Maplewood apartments, just lounging and watching TV together.

I just got back about 15 minutes ago from dropping her back off at the airport and guess what? Yep, I'm going back to sleep. G'night.


woohoo! i built that stupid catapult in the kitchen of my condo. Glad to see it hasn't killed any kids yet.
Whew, I have probably driven on that road quite a few times and know how dangerous it is. Glad to see that you're alright and nothing bad happened. I almost got into an accident outside of the Big Lots parking lot. I was pulling out to turn left on the street that goes north then east across from Greese Monkey, when I almost crashed into a small truck going into the parking lot. He didn't signal, so I was expecting him to go straight when I was trying to turn left. So I almost hit his right side.

But man, he yelled at me for about a good minute or so before he turned into the parking lot. I know what it's like to drive sleepy also. Waking up at 2am in the morning to go to work sucks. But sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Anyway, i've babbled again...sorry. okay, well take care of yourself. Don't overwork yourself too hard. I'll try to remember to pray for good rest for you. But it seems like every time I pray, i fall asleep and the light is on and I wake up tired. Well, okay, I'll try to pray for you with my eyes open. Okay,
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