Wednesday, October 11, 2006
the b-b-b-bomb & north korea

The news has been filled the past few days with speculation about North Korea's supposed nuclear weapons test and its capability to manufacture more nuclear bombs (wanna know how they work?). While international consensus has been predictably negative, North Korea has remained defiant and is promising more tests.

NPR has been featuring a number of interviews with experts about the situation right here. A lot of them have some interesting things to say, but probably the most intriguing theory I've heard is that North Korea is afraid of China and Chinese influence in North Korea... so nuclear weapons tests are its way of trying to get the US to negotiate with it 1-on-1 to balance out China. Hrmm.



In other bizarre news, a small plane crashed into a Manhattan building today, killing Yankees pitcher Cory Liddle and his flight instructor. While NY and government officials have insisted that the crash was an accident and that no terrorism was involved, I know the first thought in my mind was when I heard about a plane crashing in NY was "Aiyah... here we go again."

With everything that's been happening lately in the past few months (local, national, & international) I sometimes wonder if I'm living in the Twilight Zone. Reality and the people of this world just keep egging me on to be more cynical.

It's hard to resist.


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