Monday, October 16, 2006
300 million strong and growing

There's been a lot of coverage in the news lately about the US hitting the "300 million" mark in its population soon... according to this clock kept by the US Census Bureau, it should hit 300 million sometime around 7 tomorrow morning. I was listening to NPR during my commute to work today and they had some good coverage about it. What struck me as interesting were certain demographic quirks of the "new America" such as:

  • The US is the 3rd largest country in the world, after India and China
  • The US has the leading population growth among industrialized countries, unlike Europe and Japan, whose growth rate is small or even nonexistant
  • Single person households now account for almost 27% of the population
  • Most new Americans are immigrants (almost 40% of growth) and belong to a non-white ethnic group, most likely Hispanic or Asian


The last 100 million milestone, 200 million, was reached back in 1967. Did you know that a Chinese American was declared the "200 millionth American"? Yep, it's this guy, Bobby Woo, who was born in Atlanta.


One last thought:

If current trends continue, the US will reach 400 million people in the year 2043. By then, non-Hispanic whites will compose only around 50% of the population, Hispanic Americans will double to 24% of the population, African Americans will be 14% of the population, and Asian Americans will compose about 8% of the population (I wonder if the remaining percentage is compose of Native Americans and Arab Americans?).

I'm already looking forward to 2043.


sometimes I wish I was part of that 27%... but M would kill me if said that out loud. :-(
hahaha! Oh man... you shouldn't be saying that to a soon-to-be-married-man! ;)
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