Monday, September 25, 2006
the road we choose, the roads chosen

"the road I chose is a lonely one
nowadays no one got the guts to go for their dreams
am I only one?

the industry ain't gonna change in my mental
they gave William Hung a deal
but passed on my demo?

f*ck that

sh*t is ridiculous
make no mistake about it
I was on some underground sh*t blowin' up about it
holding my head in my hands
sippin' salty tears
spittin' city to city, thinkin' no one cares
and through it all
in the pain there's purpose
to see in the end what you gain ain't worthless...

-quoted from "Lonely Road" by Chan


Tomorrow is my first big step toward redemption and picking up the pieces of my "career" after the darkness of May. I know I should be optimistic about a fresh start, but at the same time, part of me can't help but worry.

Life lesson #1263337 learned:
Sometimes, it doesn't matter how hard you've worked in the past or how sincere your intentions are... 'cause even if you do everything right, all it takes is one bad mistake to screw you over. Badly.


Life lesson #1263337+1:
Minimize mistakes. Preferably, make none, especially when there's people around you that you shouldn't trust.


good life lessons man. extra kudos for pretty much capturing the gist of every instructional poker book out there worth a grain of salt. =p
yo... i found out CBS streams Survivor eps on their website.,..
wow, nice pic! i love the colors. :o)

haha, nice.

go Team Asian!

Thx. ;)
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