Thursday, September 07, 2006
knowing people who know people caught up in drama

It's always strange to be reminded how small the world is and how interconnected we all are. Seemingly random encounters aren't random, and when I read the newspaper or watch TV, I see the threads that bind us all, from the past, present, and the future.

My prayers are with everyone I know out there in their own struggles, and fighting their own battles, both seen and unseen.

God be with you all, guide you all, and grant us each peace.


Glad to able to read someone who agrees that RED DOOR IS one piece of shyte movie
Also can you link modelminority on this topic of RED DOOR?
The MM forum is locked to only registered users... =(
i just heard about RED DOOR the other day, when i found this ad card for it. sad to hear that it's a piece of crap film.

with that said... i wanna see THE MOTEL. i thought the basis for the movie, WAYLAID by Ed Lin, was a pretty cool read. and im pretty fuckin critical when it comes to APA lit.
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