Thursday, September 21, 2006
engagement photos

Despite all the rather somber things going on around me recently, life goes on and my own journey toward the altar continues steadily. This past Tuesday, my fiancee and I had the privilege of getting our engagement photos taken by friend / rockstar Mr. Hun Kim of the most excellent GH Kim Photography. We had the photos taken in west Seattle at Alki in the late afternoon, so I left work a little early to get there on time.

Wedding planning definitely involves a lot of stress and hard work, but I had a lot of fun during the photo session (maybe too much fun... a couple of my friends still blames me for messing up a large amount of their wedding pictures with my inability to smile "seriously", haha). Being friends with the photographer definitely makes for a more relaxing photo session, and I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of "keep the money in the family" - if I'm spending money on something, I'd much rather the money go to either people I know / businesses I respect / to the local community.

Enough jabbering... Hun's photos of my un-photogenic self and beautiful fiancee:

Notice that my fiancee made me shave my face? Yeah, she doesn't dig my scruffy facial hair... haha. O_o

I have more engagement photos on my Flickr account, but you gotta be registered on site as one of my friends or family in order to see them... it's free to sign up to Flickr, so just send me a request if you join. I don't want just any random joeschmoe in weirdo Internet-land stalking my fiancee! There's way too many crazies and hom sup low freaks these days, and plenty are out to harass Asian women.


If you're too lazy to register for Flickr and you're smart, just visit Hun's Xanga to see more photos. It isn't hard to find, and as an added bonus, you can peep more of his company's award-winning photography... great stuff!


Congratulations again to you both! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!
you guys look fabulous. your nonserious smiles make the photos better. haha.

the photographer did a spectacular job.

and you are one lucky guy. ;o)

nice pix dude... but u forgot the one where u guys are supposed to be riding horses together along the beach...
jen & f>

hahaha... mmm, good idea. Maybe I need dramatic wuxia scene where there's only one horse, and I ride by to scoop her up. Yeah!
beautiful pics!!

can't wait for the wedding!

Hmm... horses would've been a great idea. :]

BTW... our company name = GH Kim Photo... [w/ a space bet. GH & Kim] ;]

You guys look really cute and (most importantly) happy together.

And I agree with one of the posters--where are the horses?? :P
fixed. ;)

LOL, what is it with everyone and horse? haha.
dude, sweet pix. i'm looking forward to saying... "by the power vested in me by the state of washington..." ok, i probably won't really be saying that.

It'd be like three cartoon references in one! ;)
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