Sunday, August 20, 2006
weekend notes

I'm very tired. Not very coherent right now, but I wanted to jot down a few thoughts.

JEMS Warm Beach 2006... awesome. I'm always so blessed with the privilege to work with the students and watch them grow. With such a great group of kids, "my job" as a leader was easy... gotta huge amount of photos to sort through / edit / upload to Flickr. Mr. Bhang is leaving for a year long mission in Chi-town... I pray for all the best for him.

Got back home from this weekend's retreat/camp 'round 4:30pm after fighting traffic down I-5 to head south. Weather was warm and sunny. Felt a little sleepy so I kept drinking my energy drink. Guessed it worked.


Fong + his Mrs. came and hung out.

Went out to celebrate with J-Fukushima at the Southcenter Appleby's before his flight to Japan tomorrow... I'll miss him, but at the same time it's awesome he has the opportunity to go. I know he'll do well..


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