Thursday, August 24, 2006

To my fellow Seattle-ites and Eastsiders:

If you happen to notice a weird amount of traffic around I-90 and 520 this weekend, don't worry... it's just the 17,000 video gamers / otaku who are in town in the downtown Bellevue area for webcomic / game ndustry commentors Penny Arcade's 3rd annual event, PAX. Grip your controllers tightly, hold back your daughters, and hide your dice... haha.

Even the Seattle PI has a news story on the event, which starts tomorrow and lasts until Sunday night.

I must confess, my inner gameplaying geek is tempted to check out the convention mandess for at least one day, but sadly, my War-crack and FPS skills have sadly deteriorated from their once respectable heights.


DS lite madness

In other gamer related news, reading Kotaku has saved me from spending ridiculous amounts of cash on an imported colored Nintendo DS lite - apparently, the black DS lite and the pink DS lite will dropping stateside around September 13th. Wh00t!

Read the story here...


all DS lite owners...untie! lol
yep, that black one is bad-arse. don't know about that pink one tho.

btw, speaking of the 'Lite, beat chris's brain academy score today w/ a "2049" (happy birthday chris! hehe)
Maybe because it's 6:30am, but I can't seem to find the price of the DS. Do you know how much it costs? I've been kinda wanting to buy this or a PSP, but I'm a bit undecided..
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