Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So last week, one of my co-workers at my new job, Nobu, and I were talking about how much we like eating okonomiyaki and how Seattle doesn't have any okonomiyaki restaurants. Memories of eating it in Japan definitely gave me some nostalgia - my host family's mother made awesome homemade okonomiyaki! As it turns out, Nobu happens to be from Osaka.

Yay, Kansai! ;)

Of course, all the talk about food made us both hungry for some okonomiyaki, so we decided to do something about - we concocted a plan to fulfill our food cravings... I'd bring my electric griddle, and we'd cook some at work!

Nobu mixing his okonomiyaki up while another co-worker watches.

Cooking the okonomiyaki... Nobu's pretty one with octopus & tenkasu is on the right. My ghetto one with lots of cabbage and daikon is on the left.

Nobu says, "It's good, yo."

We made (and ate) a lot. Nothing like working with a happy belly full of food.

In a slightly related note:

I can't believe I found daikon at my local Safeway. I live in a pretty white suburb and it sorta blew my mind that the store would have it. I guess ol' Renton-Kent is becoming Asianified. Wh00t.


Infernal Affairs remake

The Hollywood remake of Asian movies continues... the Hong Kong police/triad thriller movie "Infernal Affairs" that starred Tony Leung as a cop playing a triad and Andy Lau as a triad playing a copy has been remade. The American version is being called "The Departed", directed by the legendary Martin Scorcese with Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon as the leads.

"The Departed" trailer

(for comparison, the trailer to the original "Infernal Affairs" with cheesy English voiceover can be seen right here)

Though I'm a big Scorcese fan, I have my doubts about the movie. Leonardo DiCaprio can't even begin to compare to how awesome Tony Leung is, but I think I can actually dig having Jack Nicholson play the part of mob boss. We'll see, eh?

I'm more looking forward to the film adaptation of Frank Miller's "300".


what exactly is 'okonomiyaki'?

Click on the link in the beginning of this entry that says "okonomiyaki". ;)
i had modan last night -- combination of yakisoba and okonomiyaki. i'm not a fan of yakisoba to begin with, so i'll probably stick with okonomiyaki next time.
there's daikon up at the Fred Meyer's in Bellingham (pretty white people land) -- cuz my mom always cooked it...
oops. didn't even notice that. despite it being in RED. guess it goes with my general avoidance of clicking links. hahah.

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