Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Craigslist and 420?

I've been a fan of Craigslist since my friend Cora introduced it to me waaaay back when we were both students at the UW. It's part classified ads, part community bulletin, and even when you're bored, you can find plenty of amusement just by browsing the personal ads (which seemed to filled with Asiaphile gweilo men). As fellow blogger maloy demonstrates, it's almost criminally easy to make fun of some of freaks that inhabit it.

In any case, a new Seattle Times article makes the claim that Craigslist is now a black market for weed. Oh no! The horror!

While I'm not the sort of person to condone illegal drug use, aren't there more important things to worry about right now? Like Lebanon or Iraq? Skyrocketing oil prices? The growing racism, militarism, and fascism in the US and abroad?

Wait, I know... weed is part of the "War on Terror"! In secret hydroponic farms across the globe, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah grow freakish amounts of ganja while listening to BEP to sell to vulnerable American teenagers and make money to buy AK-47s! (/sarcasm)


The only that newspaper article is going to do is inspire every high schooler in Western Washington to start posting ads on Craigslist looking to get their smoke on...


i should write about this sooner than later but i was bored one sunny afternoon and responded to a personal ad, commenting on his clothes. we ended up corresponding via e-mail because i took another look at his picture and he looked very familiar. it turns out we've waited on the same bus stop.

like whoa, huh
that's pretty freaky! quite the coincidence...
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