Sunday, August 06, 2006
cousins and more cousins

While I enjoy living here in Seattle, the one downside to being here is that most of my extended family (both sides) lives in California. While me, my mom, and sis frequently makes trips to visit family there, it isn't often that family from down there comes up to Seattle, which leads to me feeling sometimes disconnected from all the uncles, aunties, and cousins I have.

Also, now that I'm getting older, there's also the added sadness that comes when a member of the extended family passes away and you're forced to realize that the last time you saw them maybe been months, if not a whole year ago. That's been the reality of things the past 5 years or so, with loss of both my grandmothers, and several uncles and aunties.

That being said, I'm always very happy to spend time with family in the event that they do come to visit here in Seattle. It's like an extra holiday!

This past weekend, my auntie and some cousins from my Dad's side came to visit, plus their families and kids...

Dinner @The Ram with MoiMoi laughing, Greg smiling, and cousin Dara making a funny face.

Mmm, dessert.

Taking the kiddies to Dick's Drive In! It's a Seattle institution. Shiv is in the background smiling because she knows I owe her big time for being a good sport and helping me watch the kids.

Seeing (big) salmon at the Ballard Locks fish ladder.

Getting blinded by little Erica.

Lunch time at a mongolian grill joint.

Isn't Callie a cutie? I know she's definitely got Chan blood, with both a taste for candy and a willingness to make a funny face at anytime. ;)

Shiv, Sara, Callie's Dad, Erica, MoiMoi, and Kelly posing with the "Build-A-Bear" bears that MoiMoi bought them. Spoiling the kids, heh heh.

Whole family having dinner @ McCormick & Schmidt's at the Lincoln Center.

Good times...


oooh, dessert....

priceless expressions in the Drive In shot.

mr dude with the orange shirt has a matching orange face in last shot.

pics galore, woohoo!
^p.s. that be me, f :o)
If you ever come visiting here in Seattle, I'll take ya to the Drive-In too. ;)
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