Sunday, August 13, 2006
busy busy

The short list of lessons learned from this past weekend's adventures:

  • Service via phone sucks.
    I went to the bank on Saturday because I had received a letter about a pre-Japan savings account that I hadn't touched since 2003 was about to be declared inactive - meaning, the bank would be able to legally say it was abandoned and they could claim the money in it (about $99... not a massive amount, but definitely not small)! Being the frugal person I am, I wasn't about to let my own bank deprive me of money that was rightfully mine, so I went in to the bank to try to transfer the money to my present account and close the old one.

    To make a long story short, the phone system of BofA sucks big monkey balls, but the bank lady who was helping me gave some awesome customer service, fighting over an hour for me through a bunch of bonehead phone network transfers across departments and several states (Missouri, New York, California, & Arizona).

    Doing business via phones... bah. It makes me wonder if they purposely make it difficult for you to doing anything via phone so you'll have to either do everything online or pay $$$ to talk to a teller at the bank...

  • Chinese locksmiths rock.
    The fiancee and I went to do some wedding registry stuff at BBB. While most of the stuff in that store was generally uninteresting to me, I did have a huge fascination with the various kitchen appliances/tools (blenders! grills! fryers!), along with learning the joys of using a handheld scanner shaped like a tricorder from Star Trek (which of course I used to scan a couple of random items, just for the fun of it).

    We didn't finish because Shiv had to leave for another appointment, and when we returned to her car, we discovered that she had accidently left her keys in the car. Oops. We went back into the store to borrow the yellowpages, and I called the number of a locksmith with the biggest ad with a Tukwila location, promising "30 minutes or less" travel. I rang up the number, and was not only relieved to find out that the guy was a couple of blocks away at Southcenter mall, but that he had a Chinese accent. It took him only about 15 minutes to arrive, and using a inflatable flat rubber bag plus a long metal hook, he was able to get the door open. The day was saved.

  • There's never such a thing as too much Japanese food.
    Okay, this isn't really a new lesson or anything for me, but c'mon... saba shioyaki? sashimi? una-jyu? 魚が大好き。

    I ate at Matsu Sushi in Lynnwood on Saturday night for a birthday party, and at Hiroshi's this past evening to celebrate Shiv's parents' visit.


m-flo musical hook-up

Some IIStix friends of mine saw my lastFM charts, and asked for the hook up for some samples of two of m-flo's latest LPs. I figured I might as well be generous and post the links on this blog as well. Both are free to DL via megaupload:


BSN is the original album featuring collabs with various JPop artists like Sowelu, Rie-fu, Yoshika, EMYLI, and Kahimi Karie. DSN is mostly remixes of the songs on BSN.

Enjoy the samples while they're up, because they won't be there for long!


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