Saturday, July 08, 2006
summer festival

The Seattle Chinatown / International District Summer Festival is this weekend. I was able to stop by for a little walk around in the late afternoon and check it out - though various sponsorships was evident (McDonald's, US Army anyone?), I was happy that 95% of the stands at the festival were local vendors, community organizations, and food shops. I stopped by to say hello at the Wing Luke Museum booth, bought a baby mango ice shake at Ambrosia (the best hole-in-the wall bubble tea joint in Chinatown), and Shiv got a $2 set of tasty lumpia from the Filipino food stand.


disrespectful people, f!%k off

After my mother got off work at the eye clinic, we went out to eat Chinese food for dinner at a restaurant down the block that we like. I especially like their tofu / fried fish in a clay pot, and it was nice to beat the rush of people leaving the summer festival.

Just as we were finished eating and on our way out though, I had a maloy moment when an obnoxiously loud family of gweilo tourists sits behind us. The older man I assume to be the father is loudly is yelling at the poor waitress about "WHERE ARE THE SPARE RIBS? WHERE ARE THE GARLIC SPARE RIBS!"

What the hell?

Geez mister, why don't you read the menu? It's written in English AND Chinese, with headings that clearly say things like "soup", "meat", "seafood", and "noodles".

I glare at him as I'm leaving the restaurant, and what else do I see? He's using his chopsticks as drumsticks, making a racket while hitting his fat, sweaty leg that is propped up with them!!! Sure, I've seen that before... by children who are 3 years old or adults who are legally classified as mental retards. I'm pretty sure his wife caught me glaring at him, because she clearly had an embarassed expression. Keep your jackass in check, lady.

As much as I know Seattle's Chinatown / International District needs the business that tourists bring, I really wish they'd show some goddamn respect. I hate this attitude that a lot of non-Asian people bring to the neighborhood, expecting Asian people to drop down on all fours, kow-towing, and kissing their uncultured, racist asses. Just because all you country bumpkins happen to drop by to eat some "exotic food" from us "Orientals" doesn't mean you care about the community or the people who live it... pshhht.

Just do us a favor and go eat at McDonald's instead.


the new migration

The Seattle Times has an interesting article about the huge waves of young people migrating from rural to urban areas in China.


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