Monday, July 03, 2006
hawaiian food

Back in my days as a university student at the U-Dub, one of my favorite places to eat was this hole-in-the-wall place appropiately called Hawaiian BBQ, next to Kiku's and the location where Pochi's bubble tea is now at.

I was first introduced to the place through people I met as a young college student - my freshmen year, I lived in a dorm filled with kids from Hawaii, and when I later began working at the Odegaard Library Media center, many of my co-workers were also people who had grown up there. The food was reasonably cheap, and I'd dream of eating the kalua pork, the fried mahi mahi sandwich, mochiko chicken... mmmm.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently ran an article on the expansion of Hawaiian food joints here on the mainland. Heck, even L&L Hawaiian BBQ decided to open a brand-new joint in my hood of Renton!

It's nice to get some more diversity of dining options down south here...


Mmmmmmmmmmm... mochiko chiken. I sure could use that just about now!
Tell me about it. I still dream about it sometimes...
there's an L&L about to open up only a couple of blocks from our house! L&L in little Campbell CA. i'm excited.
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