Monday, June 19, 2006
RIP Vincent Chin

June 19, 1982.

Two white men, recently unemployed from the auto industry, get into a fight with a Chinese American man (on the night of his bachelor party at a strip club) because they think he's Japanese, and they blame Japan for losing their jobs. They leave, and then return 20 minutes later, searching the neighborhood for the same man.

They find him at a fastfood restaurant, and then beat him to death with a baseball bat outside.

After being arrested, prosecuted, pleading guilty, and being convicted the judge hands out the following punishment: 3 years of probation, $3,000 fine, and $78 in court fees.

Was that justice?

HELL NO. Welcome to America... where bludgeoning an Asian man to death gets you probation and a $3,000 fine. Sure it sounds like a fantasy, but maybe it's because you've never heard of the case of Vincent Chin or its significance to the APA movement.

(read the full story here)

Thanks to AngryAsianMan for the reminder of the 24th anniversary.


On a lighter note... funny early morning exchanges.

Abe wrote: if we can only get this shirt for fong:
Gar wrote: Puwahahah, nice!
  Aren't you supposed to be on your honeymoon?
Abe wrote: yeah i'm on the honeymoon... she's taking a nap...
  freedom to go on the internet...
  oh sweet internet my love


wat da heck??!!!!
Fong, you crack me up. heh
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