Friday, June 30, 2006
live as a vagrant, eat like a king

It's been a fun, and strange past couple of days.

On the side of fun, my cousin H and her husband came rolling through Seattle yesterday, on a vacation / roadtrip from their home in the Bay Area. It's their one year anniversary of their wedding, which took place last year (duh). I happily attended in between enjoying the NorCal weather and practicing my watermelon carving skills. They only crashed at our place for one night, so in true Chinese American fashion, mom and I cooked up a big homemade meal for them - I grilled some chicken wings and steaks on the outdoor barbeque; Mom fried some wonton, made salad, and picked cherries from a tree in our backyard. Moi-moi and Shiv drove down too.

Along with all the dinner conversation came other big news - cousin H and her husband are expecting their first child! Mom was especially surprised, but Moi and I had already been tipped off by cousin H's mom, Auntie Sue. Auntie had sent out a mass e-mail and my mom, ever the negilent e-mail checker, missed it. LOL.

I had the leftovers for lunch today, plus some kimchee. I'm still munching away on the jar of the stuff I bought at Uwajimaya a few months back.

That's right... I may live like a vagrant, but I still eat like a king...


On the side of strange, it's been almost 30 hours since I've slept. I don't know why I have this latest bout of insomnia, but part of me knows that it's definitely more than just the recent heat or my allergies. Part of it is the all too familiar, nagging discomfort of living a life that has been kicked off the train tracks; the other part is the gnawing of my own personal darkness, and feelings of being hung out to dry again. There's lots of big decisions to make over the horizon, and I wonder if I'm up to handling it. Ha.

I'd write more, but I begin to wonder how many times I've repeated the same thing over and over again on this blog, my own personal dirge repeated on annual basis.

Having experienced the life I have had, even up to this point - there's been many times I've felt alone, abandoned, betrayed, and constantly tested... I've chosen to try and edge out a hope that things would turn out for the better, even when they haven't always have.

I wrote those words. This very day, three years ago, under similar circumstances, with the only significance being that at least then, I had more guts to be more hopeful. I wish I could say that I'm better man that I was three years ago, but I don't think that's necessarily true, unless your definition of "better" includes being fatter, the ability to consume more whisky, and speak (a little) more Japanese.

It's amazing, and yet not, how some things don't change with time...


More weddings to go to this weekend. Doubleheader, in fact.


i'm sorry about your insomina :( i'm the opposite right now, always tired b/c of work. at least you have a cherry tree?
ur very own cherry cool. and my belly could use some of that food too!

i know i'm repetitious too. but who cares, right? as long as it makes u happy.

HJ, faye>
At least I got a bowl of fresh cherries, eh? haha.
Jeez, sounds like people around you are getting married left & right! That's insane. Only one of my friends got married and I don't know how close the rest are to taking that step. I know it'll be quite a while till I reach that point, if ever. :/
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