Friday, June 02, 2006
jettisoned by fate

So today I'll be leaving on a trip to see a wedding in Indiana, but because of the nature of the tickets I'll be flying from Seattle straight to North Carolina... and then from North Carolina to Indiana go figure.

While long rides on an airplane isn't necessarily too repulsive, the real kicker of today is that good 'ol iPod picked TODAY of all days to crap out with a HD read error while I was in the middle of updating the ~30 gigs of my favorite music on it. All attempts to resuscitate have failed, and I suspect that only a trip to the genius bar at a local Apple store will solve the problem... too bad my flight is in about couple of hours. Bah.

Yeah, my !$*!Y#)%!%@ goddamn life lately just seems filled with ill-timed events. Is it really asking a lot to just have music? Lucky enough, I've warmed up my trusty old MD player from days of yore (college life, circa 2000) and it should serve as a adequate substitute.

Given my current streak, I probably should have taken out a life insurance policy before this trip... too bad the woes of poverty have me struggling just to pay for gas, let alone life insurance. Borrowing a tradition from hipstomp...

A picture of me in case fate finally decides to end my mortal misery.

Be back late Sunday. (ha)


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