Monday, June 26, 2006
Japanese TV

People always ask me what are some of the things I miss about Japan, and besides the obvious answers (friends, food, trains), I always mention something else: Japanese TV! The quality and the "fun" of the TV shows in Japan really rivals the stuff we have here in the US. Two great clips:

Hilarious stuff (thanks to Mr. Brown and heh for the links)


heh, I asked one of my friends what she missed the most about Japan and she said the same thing. The Japanese TV shows. Their reality tv is different from our reality tv. Or so I think...heh
Hmmm...I just watched one of them now and I must say that that's not what my friend meant in her comment. But yeah, I'd say that this is some of the tv that I watched while I was in Japan. However, the one that I watched was actors pulling over a taxi and pretending to be Yakuza and threatening a business guy. The guy was super nice though, but yeah, they even told him that it was a prank after it was done and the taxi driver ran away. For some reason they gave him some questions and if he answered correctly he would get a prize. He didn't and everyone just left. is he supposed to get to his meeting?
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